Grab the tissues and prepare for the warm nostalgic "fuzzies." You're in for a trip down memory lane.

When it comes to holidays or birthdays or pretty much any "day" that requires gift-giving, that's where I fail hard. I'm simply not good at buying gifts for people, nevermind personalizing it.

This year, for some odd reason (at least to me), Mother's Day came awfully quick. It felt as if Mother's day 2018 was just yesterday when BAM!, Mother's Day 2019 snuck right up on us.

Oh, what to get, what to get?

That always appears to be the most stressful question and task at hand. This year, however, I had an epiphany that saved Mother's Da, and it's all thanks to one New Bedford teacher: Mrs. Lawrence of Sgt. William H. Carney Academy.

As we presented Mrs. Lawrence with her award from Fun 107 and ProGroup Contracting, I noticed that her fourth-grade classroom was working on their Mother's Day gifts to their moms and just like that, a lightbulb went off instantly inside my head.

"I'm going to make my mother a homemade arts and craft project that will remind her of the days when I, too, was just a child," I told myself. Back in the days when I was innocent at heart and still unaware that fridge photos and school work were everything to her.

Well, long story short, I finished the arts and crafts project and presented it to my mom. What happened next was nothing but priceless. Just watch up above to see for yourself.


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