Congratulations to FUN 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month for April 2019! Thank you to our sponsor, ProGroup Contracting for helping to make this school classroom even better.

Mrs. Lawrence is a 4th grade teacher at Sgt. William Carney Academy who received amazing nominations for the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month Contest in April. Needless to say, our sponsor ProGroup Contracting was seriously impressed after reading about all the wonderful work she's done. He was the obvious choice for this month's award, which contained many supplies for her class to enjoy, as well as an Electronic Dream Basket. It was filled with several devices to make her beloved classroom even better for his students.

One of her students parents submitted this nomination letter about Mrs. Lawrence to Fun 107:

"She goes way above and beyond the average expectations of a teacher. Not only does she encourage our children to shoot for the stars, she helps them with Love and Understanding. Many of Mrs. Lawrence’s students come from not the greatest situations. But Mrs. Lawrence teaches her 4th graders it’s not where you came from, but where you’re going.

She takes so much pride in her students every day. Even going on her personal social media to share when her students do something that is or was AMAZING!! I personally thank her every day, she has helped my daughter who has dyslexia and sometimes gets very upset with herself for not keeping up with her fellow classmates. Even though my daughter receives extra help by a special education teacher, Mrs. Lawrence never gives up on my child and even has made little things that help my child directly in class. As well as so many others.

She communicates with every parent about their child, whether it is something positive or negative. Mrs. Lawrence always says "it takes a village" and she is so right. In a generation where everyone is moving so fast and trying to just get through the day and there are so many distractions, Mrs. Lawrence takes time to put every second of her day to good use for her students to better their education and to better them as people.

Teachers are not just there to teach our children ABC's and 1,2,3. They help mold our children to make a Good Person that will go out into society and do something great. She takes pride in every student’s accomplishments and I wish when I was in school, I had Mrs. Lawrence. Plus, for not having a big budget, Mrs. Lawrence has used so much of her own resources to help her students work harder by having little prizes for them to earn for good behavior or exceptional effort and work!

She understands children, and how their brains work, and how their emotions work. Which I believe is even more important. I know from experience if a student is having a hard day Mrs. Lawrence will reach out to the parent through our Teacher/Parent App to figure out a way to help that student get through the underlying issue so they have a successful day and do their absolute BEST!

This woman is caring, understanding and willing to give so much of herself to our children. She has definitely made a difference in my child’s life and I know so many others as well. She really deserves any recognition for her service to this community.

Please nominate Mrs. Lawrence for Teacher of the Month. She has changed my daughter’s life in so many ways and in doing that, changed mine as well. She has actually taught me as a parent so many skills to help and better my child’s school skills. Reading and math etc. We truly LOVE Mrs. Lawrence. I wish my daughter could just stay with her forever!

Congratulations to Mrs. Lawrence and everyone over at Sgt. William Carney Academywho work so hard each and every day to make a fun learning environment for all our kids.

If your child’s teacher is one of those amazing human beings that goes above and beyond for their students and deserves some recognition this year, click HERE to nominate him or her for the Teacher of the Month award. They may be as lucky as Mrs. Lawrence.

Let’s show our teachers some love for working so hard for our kids.

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