When gyms shut down back in March, a lot of people laced up their running shoes and returned to jogging as their primary source of exercise. It was an easy way to get the body moving without any of the equipment which was lying dormant in gyms all across the Commonwealth.

More popular, it seemed, was the instant attraction to riding bikes. People dusted off their mountain bikes, street bikes, and even old school 10-speeds as a low-maintenance way to get in some exercise. For a lot of people, it didn't take many rides for them to realize that their 10-to-15-year-old bike was a little out of date and a little under-maintained. That's when the crowds started flocking to the bike stores.

When my son wanted a bike for his 13th birthday, I didn't realize what I was getting into. You would think a bike would be a pretty basic item, not something for which you'd have to search. Boy, was I wrong. I swear we picked up the last bike to be found on the SouthCoast.

Now that we all have relatively decent bicycles to ride, our summer bucket list item is to bring them down to Sagamore and ride them along the Cape Cod Canal.

Riding bikes on the canal has been something my wife has wanted us to do together since we were just dating. All these years later, we've still never gotten around to doing it. I told her that this is the year we finally do it as a family.

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be like one of those funny TikTok videos? "Delusion in our heads, is gonna bring us to our knees....So c'mon let it (record scratch)."

Look for the Rock family on TikTok, coming soon!

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