Justin Bieber loves his Beliebers, and that's why one particular move he made onstage recently was baffling. When one Belieber threw an iPhone onstage, Biebs took the phone ... and put it down his pants ... then threw it back into the crowd. WTF?!

After asking fans to refrain from throwing items onstage, one tossed a bandanna to the singer. He dismissed the gift with, "I don't need a bandanna, honestly." He kicked something else offstage before one particularly crazed fan chucked an iPhone to him.

"She's throwing a phone? Look at this!" Bieber said incredulously. "I say, 'Don't throw things on stage!' and this is what they throw. They throw a phone on stage. ... I mean, I do need a new iPhone."

What happened next was sort of gross. Bieber took the iPhone, slid it down the crotch of his pants, then tossed it onto the opposite side of the stage from which it came. It's hard to tell if Beliebers should be honored to catch that iPhone (as they probably were) or actually a little insulted at the potentially sexist insinuation that comes along with it. Plus, uh, he was probably sweaty and just -- gross!