He may be friends with Tom Brady, but Mark Wahlberg is proving once again he is a terrible Patriots fan.

He claims to be a fan of the Patriots, but I've been seriously doubting his loyalty for years and got even more confirmation of my theory when he stopped by the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

I guess a Wahlburgers is going to be opening inside the Dallas Cowboys' stadium soon, before one has opened at Gillette Stadium, so Mark thought he'd throw shade the Patriots way by saying he was going to have to "change my blue."

Is that supposed to be his way of guilting the Patriots into putting a Wahlburgers in Gillette? As if his fan loyalty were that important to them?

He then goes on to call a Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl match-up.

Maybe this would be a Super Bowl he's actually stay for.

You know, instead of walking out at halftime when things are 28-3 and not looking great and he figured the team he "loves" didn't have a chance and bailed on the best comeback in sports history.

Just saying.

Go ahead and "change your blue" Marky Mark, you've been a fair weather fan for years now and Patriots Nation doesn't need you.

But leave the burgers, they're delicious.

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