I'm not talking about a porta potty. I mean a legitimate outdoor urinal where everyone can see you!

According to CBS News, Paris is rolling out public urinals. I don't mean public bathrooms. I don't mean porta potties. I legitimately mean just open-air public urinals. They basically look like a trash can on the street, but you can pee in them.

This is honestly one of the strangest and stupidest things I've ever seen. I just don't understand why. I really don't see one singular benefit!

Sure, maybe you don't have to walk to a real bathroom, but is that really worth standing out there like a lonely soldier, just whizzing in public?

What if people miss? Then there's just pee everywhere! What about the ladies? They can't use them, so how is that fair? Who's the unfortunate soul that gets the job of cleaning them out!?

I know I 100 percent would never be down for the outdoor urinal, but would you?

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