Eggnog in September!? No, no and more no!

We've all experienced seasonal and holiday items coming out and hitting shelves way earlier than they should. Halloween candy hit stores in August. Valentine's Day candy usually pops up right after Christmas, for some odd reason. The green of St. Patrick's Day is on everyone way too early. It's obnoxious, but the most egregious might be the fact that eggnog is already on shelves and selling out!

Personally, I'm not a big eggnog guy anyway, but stil, it feels like a holiday item to me. I don't think we need it until Thanksgiving at the earliest.

I don't really know what's worse, though. Is it the fact that it's out, or the fact that it's flying off the shelves? I thought there was no way there were a ton of people excited about eggnog already. How on earth could people be trying to chug down eggnog when it's still humid outside?

Who are these wild and crazy people!? Well, as it turns out, some of these insane folks are my coworkers. I'm speechless. I'm shocked. I'm appalled. I'm, well, see for yourself:

So, there we go. It's just me apparently. So eggnog away, America.

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