Lately I've been hearing a lot about these monthly subscription services...

You can get anything from makeup and hair products to socks and leggings.  Each site had a subscription service fee, usually between $10-$20 per month.  Depending on the site, they send you various samples, or sometimes even full size products to try, switching it up each month.  It kind of sounds like it could be worth it!

The ones I've heard the most about are Birchbox (I see ads for that on facebook all the time!), Ipsy and Julep.  I LOVE the idea of getting a package in the mail every month and also not knowing what's inside!  Surprises are the best!

I have a couple of reservations though with this.  What if each month I pay for the service and they send me things I don't want or don't like?  Or, how do I know which service to choose?

I did a google search to try to help with choosing...nope, it only told me about the many, many more options there are out there for subscription services, which made it even harder to decide.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has used these subscription services or is thinking about using one?  What are your thoughts?  A good idea or not worth it?