It seems politics are everywhere. This week, many cities and towns took to the polls to vote on local officials.

Politics have also made their way into music. Lots of our favorite pop stars have used their music to make statements, Taylor Swift being one of many of them.

Hopefully, you got out and voted this week.

While I'm usually not a fan of political overtones in music, I must say, some artists really know how to use their platform for good.

The band Bastille really wanted to make a statement on the latest album Doom Days. Lead singer and frontman for Dan Smith said this in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine: “We (the band) wanted to look at the national and international bad decisions. Especially when it comes to voting … Everybody has to live with the consequences of those decisions. In the U.K., we are years on from having voted to leave the E.U., which is something that I, or we, don’t think is remotely a good idea at all. It’s still undecided. It’s kind of a turbulent time, and I guess we’re dealing with that decision.”

The song was originally on their album without Alessia Cara. It was just months after the release that they said the song was written with the intent to make it a duet. So here we have it, a duet with Bastille and Alessia Cara. Take a listen:

Both voices are incredible and while we know the background story for this song is politically driven, it doesn't necessarily scream it.

So what do you think? Is this duet totally whack? Or do you think it's wicked good?

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