Allow me to rant about Facebook rants.  I get the hypocrisy.  I really do.

But if your Facebook feed looks anything like mine, it is a political cesspool.

The Democratic National Convention was this week, which has invited everybody and their mother to feel the need to step up on their soapbox and wax poetic about why their political beliefs are right, and others are wrong.

It's not the Democratic National Convention's fault. The same thing will happen next week when the Republicans host their convention, and it won't be their fault, either.

For some reason, social media makes everyone feel like they are obligated to share their political beliefs, which is fine, I guess. But could there possibly be a bigger waste of time? Whenever I read someone's political rants I always think the same thing: how do these people have the time to write this much about politics?

No matter what you write on your Facebook page, it will never change a thing.

The worst is when the rant devolves into a back-and-forth online debate between two people that should really just be focused on their work.

I would submit that never in the history of Facebook has one person's mind ever been changed by a political rant posted on Facebook.

Can you imagine? I was going to vote for Trump, but you know what? Jimmy just copied and pasted a meme that totally changed my mind.

Or, I was planning on holding signs for Biden this weekend, but you know what? Tammy just did such a good job ripping him and Kamala Harris apart that now I'm going to vote for Trump. It's just never happened.

What makes it tough is that a lot of the people battling it out on the daily with Facebook friends and strangers alike are people that I really like in real life. I'd rather not unfriend them or hide them because sometimes they share things that I really do want to see, like pictures of their kids or dogs.

I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 74 days. But don't worry, I'm sure all of the toxic political debate will come to an end after election day, right?

Ha! A guy can dream, can't he?

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