This past weekend I took part in the tradition of the  “All You Can Carry” pumpkin event at Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro.

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The event takes place each year on the final day of their season. Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., all HARDCORE pumpkin fans have a chance to take home ALL of the pumpkins they can hold.

Here's how it works: Customers can grab as many pumpkins as they can possibly hold by themselves. They need to hold the pumpkins for at least 10 seconds without getting any help from anyone. All the pumpkins they can hold for 10 seconds will be theirs for $27.


Over the years, it has become more of a competition. It's a test of manliness. Many will fail.  The current record is a whopping 100 pounds of pumpkins held, unassisted, by one dedicated dad for 10 seconds.

This event was a great way to get some perfect carving pumpkins just in time for Halloween.

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