After a three-year absence, the Mr. Whaler competition at New Bedford High School is finally making a comeback.

This Saturday night, February 8 at 6:30 p.m, New Bedford High School is
hosting and bringing back their annual Mr. Whaler competition. Ten male students are gearing up to battle it out in four different categories:

  1. Casual wear
  2. Bathing suit
  3. Talent
  4. A question asked during formal wear

Once chosen, the top three contestants will move onto the final round, where they
will be asked to answer a final question.

The contestants for Mr. Whaler 2020 are as follows:

  • Calob Jardin escorted by Madisyn Baggs
  • Essiah Marcel escorted by Gabby Serra
  • Cameron Sylvia escorted by Raina Grace
  • Owen Tarpey escorted by Chloe Morgado
  • Tiago Boia escorted by Marissa Sebastiao
  • Adam Bentley escorted by Olimpia Andrade
  • Elijah Ribeiro escorted by Amanda Braga
  • Jose Mota escorted by Corelys Santiago
  • Luis Jackson escorted by Kayla West
  • Mario Guerrero escorted by Hannah Martin.

With a student ID, tickets are only $8 and general admission is $10. This year is somewhat of a throwback theme as the contestants prepare to take you back to the ’80s in the NBHS auditorium this Saturday to support the class of 2020.

The last winner to take home the crown and robe as Mr. Whaler was Douglas Inestroza back in 2017, followed by first runner-up Antonio "CJ" Rodriguez and second runner-up Michael Williams III.

As former Mr. Westport of 2005, my one and only message to these young gentlemen is simple: just have fun and be yourself. It will only benefit your scorecard.

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