A remake of the sitcom Punky Brewster has gotten the green light and '80s kids seem to have mixed feelings.

As a kid, I remember loving the show Punky Brewster. I thought she was the coolest, toughest chick around. But after reading the Rolling Stone recap of the old sitcom, it doesn't seem as kid-friendly as I thought it was.

In retrospect, a kid being abandoned by her mother at a mall with her dog shortly after her father walked out on the family doesn't seem like a great situational comedy concept at all.

And yet I loved and laughed at the show week after week.

And when you think back to episodes dealing with drugs, child molesters and of course the infamous "Cherie gets locked in a refrigerator" scare, it becomes a little harder to see what I liked about it so much.

But I did, I really did. And I think I'd be intrigued to check out the planned Punky reboot coming to NBC's Peacock streaming channel.

It sounds like it's going to follow in the Fuller House footsteps and keep the characters you loved as kids and give them a new adult life for you to observe.

Soleil Moon Frye is back as Punky (yay!), this time as a single mom divorced from Freddie Prinze Jr. (yum!) who meets a child in the foster care system that reminds her of herself.

Cherie Johnson is also returning to play Cherie and still be Punky's bestie.

I'm sure the conflicts with adding of a foster child to a family will be the jumping-off point for the show, but who knows what issues this new version of Punky Brewster will tackle when it debuts on Peacock.

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