There’s an unusual animal roaming the streets of Acushnet, and while it hasn’t posed a significant threat, it is certainly turning heads.

It’s not every day you see a peacock casually strolling through backyards and side streets.

Jessica Melo and her son heard a strange noise at their Middle Road home on Monday and saw their goats looking at something in the driveway.

They could have never predicted they'd see a peacock staring back at them.

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“I took a picture of (the peacock) to post to help find who it belonged to and then that’s when my son saw him going to the street,” said Melo.

An oil truck narrowly missed the bird, but Melo's son managed to corral the peacock to a field nearby, and the peacock continued on its journey through the neighborhood.

“I had called animal control and she had told me she had been trying to get (the peacock) but it wouldn’t let anyone next to it,” Melo said.

Melo’s post was met by several other encounters with this elusive bird.

“That peacock was literally on Wamsutta Ave. just a couple (of) days ago,” Savannah Lynn wrote.

“It visited me on Middle Road this morning,” Christine Westgate posted on Tuesday.

"[I] and my wife Amanda heard the peacock the other night in the distance," said Jonathan Pimental. "We live on Middlefield Place, so I can only assume it's in the area."

According to Acushnet Police, no other reports have been made about this exotic wanderer, but I wonder if it’s lost or just likes to lead a life of independence?

If you are traveling down Middle Road in Acushnet in the near future, be on the lookout for a strange bird sighting.

With feathers like that, it’ll be hard to miss.

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