"Gremlins" Remake Close To Becoming Reality
Its been a week of announcements of 80s movies being brought back to the big screen!
First, news about the "Goonies", then  "Ghostbusters"!
Now, Steven Spielberg is being rumored to be heavily involved in the movie as he was in the original...
"Goonies" Sequel May Finally Happen
I'm not really to sure how I feel about this. After all, "The Goonies" was probably one of the most iconic movies of the 1980's.
But, here we are in 2014 and its very possible that the sequel is on the way.
Director Richard Donner told TMZ that he plans to bring back t…
“It’s A Wonderful Life” Sequel In The Works
Some people tell me I"m too nostalgic. I love old stuff, old music, old TV shows, and old movies. People make fun of how things were done back then. Instead, I appreciate what they were to people back then.
A CLASSIC is about to be re done, in the form of a a sequel, and I ask why...

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