Thank you Japan! You may have just redeemed yourselves in my eyes! Pepsi and Cheetos are a natural combo.


Anyone who's ever indulged in an after-school snack or went to college knows they go great together. It Turns out, those wonderful people at Frito Lay have heard the outcry especially from people on the facebook page "I love Cheetos and Pepsi".

The LA Times reports, the prospects of Pepsi-flavored Cheetos showing up on U.S. supermarket shelves is not so good. Which I'm really not happy about. If this soda-flavored crunch snack is too much for you to wrap your brain around, the bag has pictures to explain everything. There is a cluster of Cheetos in one corner, and an ice cold Pepsi in the other.This isn't the first Pepsi-meets-snack food attempt. How about those those Pepsi chicken chips from last December?

Don't remember them? I don't either?  But this is Cheetos! Cheetos! If we get it here! I will find it for you!

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