When I first moved back to the SouthCoast, it was everywhere. Pepsi seems to be pretty popular around here. Is it just me?

Over the last few months, I have noticed it probably isn't just me. My close family members appear to prefer it over the classic Coca-Cola. This soda battle isn't new; it's been going on for over a century now.

It does appear that Pepsi is about to take its share of the market and beat out Coke. Why am I saying this? Well, just a few months ago the very popular airline JetBlue made the switch from offering Coke products on their flights to Pepsi products.

Now, a big movie chain has made the switch. In case you frequent Regal Cinemas in Taunton or maybe their Swansea theaters, you will find they have already made the switch to Pepsi products. This change is not just a local thing. All Regal Cinemas across the country have made the switch.

So two pretty big companies making the switch. Is this a sign of the times? Are you ok with this change?  Many are saying this new change means more Mountain Dew because that's a Pepsi product. Now if we could get them to carry our favorite coffee brand so I can actually stay awake at the movies.

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