Every four years someone you know becomes a huge 'fan' of curling...or maybe you do yourself. But why does America love this sport so much each Winter Olympic games?

I really can't say with any expertise why people love curling so much...but I do have a theory and I'm willing to share it.

To me curling appears to be the sport anyone can do. The competitors look like average people, the training doesn't seem to be too grueling and the sport definitely doesn't come off as dangerous.

So I think people enjoy Olympic curling so much because it makes them believe they too could be Olympians.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Most of the Olympic sports just make me feel old. When announcers go on and on about Lindsay Vonn being the 'oldest women to win an Olympic medal in Alpine skiing' and she's four years younger than me...I feel nothing but old.

When 15-year-old Russian girls are killing it in figure skating...I think 'I'm way too old to be doing that.'

But when we see middle-aged men and women on the ice, tossing giant stones and winning Olympic medals...we think 'I could still do that!'

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Whatever the reason, curling is huge ratings wise for NBC. The matches are among the highest rated events the peacock network is airing, no matter what time they air them.

So whether it's you or someone you know all into this winter sport...curling is certainly a fan favorite of Olympics watchers.