This was the scene outside of my house today at precisely 3:38 p.m. Are you kidding me? The lights outside of my house are light-sensitive, so they automatically come on when it becomes dark. I can't even handle the fact that it was so dark at 3:38 in the afternoon that they lit up. This is NOT "lit," as the kids say. This is the worst.

I'm telling you, when I looked out the window and saw the lights on and the sky, it felt like it was closer to 5:30.

Last night, the Patriots 8:20 start felt like a 10:20 start. I felt like we were kicking off in the middle of the night.

After getting home from work tonight, I was more ready to go to bed than to eat dinner.

I could go to beD right now.

Am I the only one feeling this?

Good night, everybody!

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