So I'm sure people are going to think I'm crazy, but I think aliens were calling the studio today!

Here's the deal. I noticed the phone was ringing, and I answered and simply heard some weird noises, and then some ruffles and more weird noises. I assumed it was a butt dial. Usually, if you hang up on a butt dial, that's the end of it.


It called again. I answered again.

Same thing, but now the noises were a little more strange and higher-pitched. I couldn't make out any kind of voice or anything, just weird, odd noises. Then when it happened the third time I was spooked. This time the noises were absurd. Things I've never heard before. I hung up and decided not to answer again.

The number kept calling consistently over and over. It would ring and ring. I wouldn't answer and then it would stop for a second, but then call again.


Finally, I answered again and recorded it. It wasn't the weirdest of the calls, but it still sounds pretty creepy. I used it on-air so here's the break. You tell me what it was!

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