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Just when I think this year cannot get any weirder, another anomaly arises and says “hold my beer.”

The latest piece of mind-boggling news is the report of aliens on Venus, or rather, the potential of life on the planet.

The Daily Mail reported that “traces of phosphine gas detected in the clouds above Venus could be an indication that the planet supports microbial life, a study concluded.”

I wasn’t very good in science class, so in case you were lost in that sentence like I was, here is some further explanation.

Phosphine is a colorless gas that is naturally produced by certain microorganisms on Earth in the absence of oxygen. It can be released in small amounts from “the breakdown of organic matter, or industrially synthesized in chemical plants.”

In layman's terms, phosphine exists alongside life. So, when UK experts detected the gas in Venus’ atmosphere, it raised some eyebrows.

But here is the part I don’t understand: Venus is the second-closest planet to the sun, with a surface temperature of over 850 degrees. How could life be possible?

The Daily Mail reported that Venus’ “upper cloud deck is 120 degrees, a pressure equal to that at Earth sea level. The clouds are also highly acidic – meaning that the phosphine would be broken down very quickly and must therefore be being continually replenished.”

My mind is blown. There might actually be proof coming our way that there is life outside of Earth. But researchers have cautioned that further investigation is needed.

NASA is considering two missions to the planet to conduct some more studies, dubbed "DAVINCI" and "VERITAS."

I have always believed that we are not alone in this universe. How could we be? But imagine if we are alive during a time where hard, concrete evidence is obtained. It would, quite literally, be out of this world.

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