March 20 marks Alien Abduction Day, a day dedicated to those who say they have been taken from extraterrestrial beings, usually against their will.

While the SouthCoast is certainly a hotbed of UFO activity with a variety of strange objects spotted in the sky, it’s a whole different story to have someone say they’ve been forcibly taken off this earth by aliens.

Whether or not you believe in biological creatures coming to our planet from the furthest recesses of the galaxy, there are a lot of people who do claim to have been victims of alien abduction, and some of their stories are very compelling.

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That was the case back in 2017, when Acushnet resident Jim Andre joined WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast program to talk about his own alien abduction – and how he was returned to Earth with a brand-new tattoo to commemorate the experience.

“It seems bizarre, but that’s what happened,” Andre said.

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Andre, who worked as a constable and a bus driver, was sitting at his computer one Wednesday night in 2013 when he experienced “missing time,” a phenomenon commonly associated with alien abduction where a person inexplicably loses hours of time.

“I was at home, on my computer, and it was about 9:15 p.m. I remember that vividly because I looked down at the clock on the corner of my computer screen,” he said.

Andre said he then “went out,” as in a loss of consciousness, and when he awakened, hours had passed.

“I was looking around, just basically wondering where I am, and I go over to set the alarm clock and it was 2:57 a.m., three minutes before I usually get up for work,” he said.

Andre was trying to wrap his head around how he might have lost six hours when he suddenly felt something odd.

“I was moving around, trying to get my thoughts, and all of a sudden I felt this intense burning sensation on my right forearm,” he said. “And when I looked down, there was a tattoo on my arm that resembled an alien gray, and at that point I didn’t know what to make of it, I didn’t know if I was dreaming. I was actually beside myself. I still am in a way.”

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Andre already had a number of tattoos – although none of an alien – and he said this was totally different than any other time he’d been freshly inked.

“Actually there was no bleeding on it, the way it healed, it didn’t heal like a regular tattoo,” he said. “It felt more like a burning sensation, more like a burn. What happened was it blistered up and when it healed, it peeled like a sunburn, rather than scab over like a tattoo.”

Courtesy Jim Andre
Courtesy Jim Andre

Try as he might, Andre could not remember anything else about that night.

“I kind of have some memory I can almost grasp,” he said. “I just can’t reach it.”

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Although he had never suspected an alien abduction before, it was not the first time Andre encountered UFOs. He said he had previous interactions with them in the sky, including allegedly photographing one over his Acushnet residence.

Spooky Southcoast via YouTube
Spooky Southcoast via YouTube

Andre went on to found the Alien Connection Truth Network online, amassing over 100,000 members in his Facebook group.

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