I'm well aware that my dreams are vivid, and I can almost always remember them, but this one topped the cake. Honestly, I swear you can't make this stuff up.
In this dream, I was clearly working some type of Fun 107 meet-and-greet promotion with Justin Bieber and the whole experience was very weird.
It started off with Selena Gomez (a touchy subject, I'm aware). While showing her around what appeared to be somewhere in the Faunce Corner area of Dartmouth, we ran into her ex, Justin Bieber.
True story side note: I once caught her in real life, not a dream, saving her from smashing her face on the concrete when she tripped over her high heels.
Back to the dream: somewhere along the line, I abandoned Selena and went touring with Justin somewhere that looked like a high school auditorium filled with senior citizens, where he handed me a stack of money and told me to go around and "make it rain" on them.
From there, we were in some type of cow field where we were confronted by a giant black truck that was sitting in the middle of nowhere. "That's my baby," Bieber said. "I can't wait to drive it".
This is where I made a brutal mistake.
"Can I get a selfie with you?" I asked him and was immediately shut down with a no.
This is where redemption comes into play. We ended up at a beach with no resemblance to the SouthCoast area where I asked Justin if he wanted to go body surfing, and he was all about it. While surfing side by side, a baby seal came up on the side of me, and I handed him over to Bieber. He was overcome by joy and greeted me with a high-five once he hit the shoreline. "That was awesome!" he said with a giddy voice.
From there, I guess we ended up hanging out some more where he let me strum his guitar that only had three strings but sounded amazing regardless. He then began singing a song off the top of his head that was aimed towards me and how I asked him to take a selfie with him.
I was once again humiliated, this time in front of his record label manager and staff.
The rest of the dream seems to blur out and I never got the chance to take a photo with Biebs, but what an adventure. I was then awoken by the loud noise of my cell phone alarm.
Moral of the story: Never ask Justin Bieber for a selfie if you want to save yourself from embarrassment and be careful how late you eat chourico and peppers before bedtime.
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