Beyoncé's body looked absolutely amazing for her 2014 Grammy's performance and come to find out it was due to a three week vegan diet her and Jay Z both committed themselves to.

These days there are so many, almost too many, diet plans out. How are you suppose to know which one will be best for your body? But it seems as though the new quick go to diets are to go gluten free or vegan and if there's anyone that can be the poster body for going vegan it is Beyoncé's body during her 2014 Grammy performance.

It has been confirmed that Beyonce and Jay Z did a 3 week vegan diet challenge along with working out several days a week prior to the "Drunk In Love" Grammy performance which help them to shed a combined weight of 110 lbs! Boutique Fitness has also supplied a 21 Day Vegan challenge (click the link below to view), so I'm wondering if it could be safe to say going vegan is the new quick go to diet.

If you haven't seen Beyoncé's amazing body during her "Drunk In Love" 2014 Grammy performance here's a clip