As Good Burger 2 continues to film in Rhode Island, star Kel Mitchell just showed the world there's always time for a donut break.

Nicole Viveiros is owner of The Donut Shack in Cranston, specializing in allergen-free treats, from gluten-free donuts to vegan desserts and even nut and soy-free goodies.

Formerly based in Tiverton, The Donut Shack recently moved to Cranston where it serves up treats out of the Park Theatre building. The property is owned by Ed Brady, who is good friends with John Ryan Jr., one of the producers of Good Burger 2.

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With a little encouragement from Brady, Viveiros and her squad made their way down to the set with some pretty unique treats for the cast and crew: special edition pop tarts with strawberry filling.

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"After a little practice, we freehand-piped the Good Burger 2 logo onto the pop tarts," Viveiros said. "We also brought the set members eight-dozen munchkins and two-dozen donuts. ... Kel raved about our orange creamsicle donut. He was very cool and we had a blast."

In his other popular role on "Kenan and Kel," Mitchell was known for his over-the-top obsession with orange soda.

Once the movie crew found out the treats were allergen-free, they were very excited, especially since one cast member has a nut allergy, a few workers were vegan and, according to Viveiros, there were a handful of gluten-free people.

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All in all, it was a good day for The Donut Shack, Ed (Kel Mitchell) and the good people of Good Burger 2.

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