From Westport to West Place.  The animal sanctuary in Tiverton, RI that is giving animals that were left for dead another chance at living.

It was last Summer when the dirty farms in Westport were shut down, and many animals who were living in squalor were relocated.  Some of those animals have now found a permanent home at West Place.

The animals, which include horses, sheep, ducks and fish are all in good health thanks to the team of volunteers at the sanctuary.

On Saturday they held their once per year tour day where people could explore the grounds and meet the animals.  (Sorry if you missed it, but they will do it again next year!)

The sanctuary is run on donations and volunteers. If you're interesting in getting donating time or money visit them at

Check out some of the pics from yesterday's event below on their Instagram page, and meet the rest of the animals here.  (I don't know about you, but I'm interested in buying some Paca Poo!)


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