How do you tell one of your best friends that she didn't get the job promotion for which she applied?

This secret confession that was messaged into The Rock and Fox Show this morning via the Fun 107 app's new messenger feature sounded so familiar to me that it stopped me right in my tracks. I remember this exact same situation happening several years ago with a friend of mine and her close friend and co-worker.

The gal who messaged us this morning said that her secret was that she and her good friend and co-worker were in the running for the same job promotion. She found out last week that she got the job but the management still hadn't told her friend she didn't get it. So, it's been driving her crazy not being able to tell her friend that she is the one who got the job. That would KILL me too!

A close friend of mine–who will remain nameless–was and is still an emergency room nurse at a hospital (which will also remain nameless) here on the SouthCoast. She has made no secret that she is not happy in this department of the hospital and hasn't been for a while. About a year ago, she applied to a couple of different positions within this hospital group and also applied for nursing jobs in different hospitals, too. Long story short, same thing. Except, that it was my friend's friend who got the job that they both applied for. It took over a week for her friend to break the news to her as she too was waiting to hear from management on the position.

Yeesh, so much for good communication!

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