A simple trip to the grocery store always turns into some sort of unplanned adventure or mystery.

The other day I went to Shaw's in Dartmouth to pick up a few things. As I checked out at the register, the cashier asked if I collected something called "Best Buddies Micropopz."

"What the heck are those?" I asked with confusion.

She briefly explained that they were a prize promotion to win some Disney stuff and that I needed to find the package with the "Golden Mickey."

"They're free if you want them," she told me. "Every $30 you spend, you get one of these toys."

Immediately the thought of the McDonald's Monopoly game came to mind and I was all in.

When I got home, I checked into these "Micropopz" and found out that select companies, Shaw's being one of them, were involved in this contest put on by Disney. It's a little complex, but in a nutshell, there's a grand prize of $4,000 in Disney prizes and a free year subscription to Disney+.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Best Buddies Micropopz can be added to this collectible box seen above for inventory purposes.

Anybody who finds the "Golden Mickey" will receive a $100 gift card to Shaw's for groceries. In all honesty, out of any giveaway or promotion I've come across from any store, this one has intrigued me the most. Free Disney prizes and groceries? Sign me up.

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