With the Swansea Town Hall needing a bit of an upgrade; Selectman Christopher Carreiro, suggested they take advantage of the Sears store closing in April at the Swansea Mall.

"We need a new town hall, we need a new highway department, we need a new animal shelter and we need a new library. We can consolidate these projects and provide a proposal that is cost savings," Carreiro told The Herald News.

The Swansea Mall management is very interested in re-developing the mall and the town does not want to stand in the way of this.

Michael Rock/TSM
Michael Rock/TSM

The store is in need of some serious renovations specifically the ceiling. Carreiro ran through the numbers, including that a 20,000-square-foot town hall would cost upward of $10 million, plus land. That compares with the $6 million to $7 million mall management was ready to take at auction a year or two ago for the entire Swansea Mall.

More information to come with the next town hall meeting when they discuss the potential new locations for the Swansea Town Hall.

Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn

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