If you are a cookie dough lover...you will love this!

Move over cookie dough ice cream.  You're a light weight.  Now, you can lose the ice cream and eat a straight scoop of cookie dough.  A cookie dough "scoop shop" just opened up in New York City called DO.  The best part?  It's salmonella free!

DO just opened their doors and they're ready for business both in the restaurant and online. According to Fox 25, Kristen Tomlan, the creator of this cookie dough, says that if you make the cookie dough with heat-treated flour and a pasteurized egg product, the dough is perfectly safe.

Even though the shop is located in Greenwich Village in New York, you can order this cookie dough at their website. You can mix and match any of their flavors and pick and choose your shipping date.

DO isn't the only place you can order edible cookie dough online though. Unbaked Bar is another website you can order cookie dough from and also has a wide variety of flavors.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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