Fun 107's Monster Mash is always a graveyard smash.

WIth Halloween weekend only a few days away, heres why you should be attending Fun 107's Monster Mash Event:

  • 1

    The Sexiest People on the Southcoast Will Be There

    Monster Mash 2014
  • 2

    It Only Cost $10.00

    Philip Lange
  • 3

    DJ Barboza Is A Legend Here On The Southcoast

    K. Garcia Productions
  • 4

    Only 18? No Problem! It's An 18+ Party!

    K. Garcia Productions
  • 5

    Like Cash? We're Giving Away Cash Prizes For The Sexiest, The Scariest And The Most Creative Costumes

    K. Garcia Productions
  • 6

    Think Of This As A Reunion... You're Bound To Run Into Someone You Know Or An Old Friend

    K. Garcia Productions
  • 7

    Single? Looking To Mingle? Perhaps You'll Find Your Future Husband Or Wife... It's Happened Before And Could Happen To You!

    K. Garcia Productions