Hard work pays off, that's the honest truth.

2015 has offered and presented me with priceless opportunities. It is an incredible feeling to wake up in the morning with excitement knowing I have to work.... it's rare to hear. Since the day I began a new journey in life on the Fun 107 Rock and Fox show (Previously the Fun Morning Show) as their Producer 2.0... I have been introduced to a bit of the "good life". Here's seven of my most memorable moments here at Fun 107 for 2015:

  • 1

    Memorial Day Weekend On Martha's Vineyard

    I was finally lucky enough to join the Morning crew on the Martha's Vineyard Memorial Day Broadcast this year! Nothing beats crawling out of bed, walking downstairs in pajamas, tossing on some headphones, watch the sunrise and broadcast from a porch over looking a beautiful view of the ocean. Not a shabby way to wake up!

  • 2

    DJing The Fun 107 4th of July Cruise

    Music has always been my passion. Whether it's jamming out on my iPod or playing some tunes in the car, I always have a blast and enjoy a good party. So whenever the Fun 107 Cruises aboard the Seastreak come along, I look forward to rockin' the boat with a dance party like no other!

  • 3

    The Brazilian Grille Restaurant

    Let's face it... who doesn't like to eat?! I have a handful of favorite restaurants, but none of them compare to the Brazilian Grille! The service is phenomenal and the meats are exquisite! Safe to say that I may or may not have received a few meals on the house here and there. ;)

  • 4

    One Night of Homelessness

    Although this memory was more of a serious matter... it has rewarded me greatly. Spending a night in the frigid cold on the hard ground opened my eyes and opened my heart. I was blown away from the amount of awareness the project had raised in just one night. It truly was one night too many... but it's one I will never forget.

  • 5

    Hanging Out With Flo Rida

    This is a no-brainer. I mean, honestly....It's Flo-Rida! One of the coolest meet and greets i've experienced to this date. Got a chance to play a few rounds of air hockey (He ruled the table) and shoot some hoops (I ruled the court). Talk about a master when it comes to Skee-ball, Flo is the reigning champion! 100 after 100 after 100... I was lucky to score a simple 10. When it comes to arcade games, Flo is the Man!

    Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions
  • 6

    Leinenkugel Beer Promotion

    Not many can say that they get paid to drink beer.... Fortunately, I can! Not just any beer, my favorite Leinenkugel's! By far one of the coolest promotion I've come across and I was so pumped to be apart of the Wisconsin Crew. #JoinUsOutHere!

  • 7

    The United Way Holiday Wishes Program

    Hands down, above all else, the Fun 107-United Way Holiday Wishes Program was a life-changer for me. My heart-strings were pulled and tugged for a solid two-weeks and it's mostly from the generosity of our listeners and sponsors. Knowing that I helped another person's life or life means more to me than anything in the world. Each family who received help holds a special place in my heart.