High school football is back, and so is our Friday Night Lights Southcoast tour!  Fun 107 is giving away another $5,000 Jack Peterson Scholarship to a graduating senior, but here are 5 reasons NO SENIOR should sign up for it.



  • Friends of Millicent Library Facebook
    Friends of Millicent Library Facebook

    Grandpa Huttleston

    Your grandparents are direct decendants of Fairhaven oilman Henry Huttleston Rogers.  They have more money than they know what to do with and would be so annoyed at the thought of having to deduct $5,000 from the check they're sending the bursar's office for your full tuition.

  • Jordan Todman Highlights 08
    Jordan Todman Highlights 08

    Move Over Todman

    You run faster than former Dartmouth High School running back Jordan Todman.  Todman returns kickoffs for the Houston Texans.  You've already been approached with full boat scholarships to several huge football schools like Alabama, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.  You'd much rather leave the $5,000 for all of those kids NOT getting an athletic scholarship.

  • HBO Game of Thrones
    HBO Game of Thrones

    Your parents are THE WORST

    You hate your parents.  This is your chance to get back at them for all of their stupid "when you live under my roof" rules.  After all...what do you care if they pay an extra $5,000 towards your college tuition next year???  Who cares about all that extra overtime they'll have to work?  Screw them.  They haven't given you enough over the first 18 years of your life.  Jerks.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    You Hate To Laugh And Have Fun

    You hate laughing and having fun.  Instead of having the money you earn at your part time job go towards beer, pizza, wings and concerts...you'd rather see that money go directly towards your tuition payments.  Seriously, college parties are overrated, anyway.

  • Paul Marotta
    Paul Marotta

    You're Smarter Than Zuckerberg

    You plan on inventing the new Facebook.  You're going to college next fall, but you have plans to launch your new idea that's going to make Facebook obsolete.  Your idea is going to be so big that you're not even going to have time to finish all 4 years before you have to quit school to run your multi billion dollar company.


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