Friday Night Lights is a weekly feature on Fun 107 where we spotlight a SouthCoast high school football game, including an article written by a student from the home team. This week's student is Elizabeth DaCunha, a sophomore at Fairhaven High School. This week, Elizabeth's Blue Devils host the GNB Voc-Tech Bears at 7 p.m. on Friday, September 17 at Taunton High School.

It’s that time of the year again: Friday Night Lights, filled with large crowds of fans cheering on their home team at the football game.

Our own Fairhaven Blue Devils have their first "home" game of the season against Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School this Friday, September 25 at Taunton High School.

Although the game cannot happen on Fairhaven's brand new turf field just yet due to delayed construction, our team is excited and ready to play at any field with the hopes for a huge win.

Senior Cadence Chase described the excitement for the team. “A lot has changed for Fairhaven football for the better since last year. The coaches have really turned it all around,” he said. “We aren’t the same Fairhaven team as it’s been in the past, and I think the community realized this last year. It gets us more hyped up than ever knowing that our town cares so much about us.”

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Now that this year has a greater sense of normalcy, the opportunity for friends, family, and community members to show up for our team with high spirits has returned.

Junior Colin Pacheco explained how being surrounded with such good energy from everyone truly betters the dynamic of the team. “It really makes a difference on the whole feel of the game,” he said.

Many of the football players I have spoken to, like Colby Correia, have mentioned their appreciation for Coach Derek Almeida, and just how much he has done for the team within his short time in this position.

“The introduction of Coach Almeida really helped motivate a team that was lower in confidence after many seasons of hardly winning,” Correia said. “He has brought the team closer together and instilled a winning mentality that motivates us to work hard at each practice.”

Almeida gave his take on the upcoming game, and how great of a season he is looking forward to for him and his Blue Devils.

“Our football program is very excited for this week’s game vs. (GNB Voc-Tech),” he said. “Both teams are very familiar with each other and it was a very close game last year in the sSpring. Personally, I grew up playing in this rivalry, and I hope both schools bring a huge crowd and get really excited for their teams, and create a great atmosphere. Go Big Blue!”

Sophomore Jayce Duarte shared a bit of sentiment associated with this season, having played for the Blue Devils for the past three years.

“This game means a lot to us as players and to the program in general,” he said. “This rivalry (with GNBVT) is intense, and we look forward to coming out on top again this year. Going into this week, our biggest focus is playing the game the right way.”

Westin Chase shared the team’s goal for a victorious season, especially when they are able to play on the new turf field.

“This is going to give us the hope we need to get our team on track to the SCC Championship like we did last year,” he said.

Overall, it looks like the Blue Devils are ready to take on this first game along with high hopes for the rest of the season, so be sure to support them this Friday at the Taunton High School field.

Be there, be loud, and be ready for what is going to be a great game.

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