Fun 107's Friday Night Lights returns with a fun matchup right out of the gate for Week 1. It's the Battle of Slocum Road, as Bishop Stang visits Dartmouth High School.

It's been a while since these two teams have met. The football season that ended this past spring limited action to within a team's conference, making a Stang vs. Dartmouth game impossible.

Even though the teams haven't faced each other in a bit, their two head coaches know each other well after years of competition. This will be the 18th season for Dartmouth head coach Rick White. The Indians have had some of their best years under White, making it to the Super Bowl in 2007 and losing to a powerhouse Everett team, and then winning the Super Bowl in 2014 and 2015.

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Players to Watch

The Dartmouth offense is built around second-year starting quarterback Will Kelly. Coach White says Kelly is a great leader. Also, keep an eye on Dartmouth running back Ethan Marques, who led the Indians in touchdowns in the spring season.

Watch out for Spartans running back and linebacker Nick Hyland. Bishop Stang Coach Dennis Golden calls the team captain a "hard nosed, dedicated player."

Up and Coming

Stang's defensive end and offensive lineman Tyrone Gomes has improved immensely over the past year. "He works hard each day," Golden said.

Indians senior linebacker and lineman Danny Martin has been putting in the work. Martin "started this spring's season pretty raw as a linebacker," White said, then capped it off leading the team in tackles for the final game of the season, an overtime win over East Bridgewater. Martin continued to work hard over the summer, showing up each week in the weight room. Now, Martin is a starting guard on the offensive line.

The two teams kick off their season on Friday at 7 p.m. on the turf of Dartmouth's Memorial Stadium.

Big thanks to Sweet and Earthy and A&M Driving School for their sponsorship of Friday Night Lights.

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