Friday Night Lights is a weekly feature on Fun 107 where we spotlight a SouthCoast high school football game, including an article written by a student from the home team. This week's student is Kaitlyn Duarte, a senior at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. This week, Kaitlyn's Bears host the Dartmouth Indians at 7 p.m. on Friday, September 17.

My name is Kaitlyn Duarte and I am a senior student-athlete at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. I currently reside in Dartmouth and come from a long line of GNBVT and Dartmouth alumni. I chose Voc-Tech because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the dental field and I liked the idea of being surrounded by a new, different environment.

The day I chose to attend Voc was when a new chapter of my life began and I stepped away from Dartmouth schools, not thinking that one day these worlds would collide. At the highly-anticipated game Friday night, I have a foot in both doors. Do I cheer for my childhood friends for the sake of my hometown? Or do I show school spirit and cheer on my classmates?

There are rumors going around that GNBVT and Dartmouth High are treating each other as rivals. But after talking to both sides, it is a collective feeling that Friday is just another game.

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The Voc-Tech captains know that they’re the underdogs in this match, but they are confident it will not deter them from playing their best. The crowds will definitely determine the excitement of the game, as both student sections are wearing themed outfits. The hyped-up crowds will serve as a motivational tool to drive either team to a victory.

After hearing both points of view, I ask myself, do I have to choose a side? I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not have to pick a side, but I can have pride in my hometown while supporting and cheering on my current school.

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