I would love to know what the big 'Valentine's Day' fuss is all about... It's nothing but an emotionally driven money pit and it's overrated. 

So to all the single men and women out there... instead of being sad this coming Sunday, be glad that you don't have to waste your time with nonsense. Below is a list of 10 reasons why being single on Valentine's Day is actually rewarding:

1.) There are lots of damaged ladies and men out there who are looking for some loving, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!

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2.) No gift exchanges required. Spare yourself the awkwardness and stress of finding the right gift for that special someone. I'd rather use that money on a bottle of wine anyway.

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3.) Making plans can sometimes be an difficult and annoying task to accomplish.... So throw that out the window!


4.) Almost every restaurant in town will be packed... So enjoy the comfort of eating a Swanson's dinner at home without having to find reservations.


5.) Flowers in general are a waste of money and more times than often, the roses still have the thorns attached. So save your wallet and your hands by avoiding buying flowers all in all.

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6.) Choosing the perfect Halmark Card is always a struggle. You can never find the right one and all the appropriate ones are usually sold out, leaving you with either 'Happy Birthday, Grandma' or 'Get Well Soon'.

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7.) It's the PERFECT night to pick up GUARANTEED singles at the bar! Chances are... if you find someone sipping on a cocktail alone, they're not there celebrating a 7 month anniversary.

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8.) You're saving money in general. This dumb Halmark Holiday is nothing but unnecessary expenses. Trust me when I say this: "A FULL wallet is a HAPPY wallet!"


9.) Focus more on MOM! She deserves flowers every now and then, so why not shower her with love! After-all, is she not the one person you run to when you get your heart crushed?!


10.) You can do whatever the heck you want! No planning needed, no money to be spent on others and most importantly, you don't need to impress anyone! Worry about you and ONLY you and if for some reason a significant other just so happens to walk into the picture after meeting them out at a bar.... then that right there is simply fate and you should probably just ignore this list all together.

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