We have reached that time of year when many of us are tasked with the difficult decision of what to bring to the holiday party. Showing up empty-handed is not an option, but Aunt Carol shouldn’t expect a gourmet, award-winning quiche either.

TikTok personality and Dartmouth native Zachariah Porter shared a relatable story of when his chosen dish was quietly rejected by an entire party, proving that “keeping it simple” this season is the key to success.

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“This is going to be a very serious conversation,” Porter told his 4 million followers.

While his social media presence is celeb-status, he keeps it very real for his PSA on holiday dishes.

@zzzachariah Some would say this is the real holiday heartbreak ❤️‍ #christmas #thanksgiving #friendsgiving ♬ Sad Emotional Piano - DS Productions

“With the holidays coming up, there is going to be a time where we are going to have to bring a dish to somebody’s house,” he said. “So make sure, when you choose that dish, you don’t choose something that looks physically unappealing because there is no worse feeling in the world than having nobody eat what you brought.”

For a gathering of a dozen people, Porter brought an Asian noodle salad and silently watched everyone at the table pass on it, leading Porter to have a mental breakdown in the bathroom.

“You don’t want your heart to be broken at a family or friend gathering,” he said.

Porter’s story was a harsh reminder of the time I attempted to cook a ham for Friendsgiving. I thought it would only take a couple of hours in the air fryer, but it turns out it needed a lot longer than that. That Thanksgiving resulted in a full ham in the trash and me feeling totally defeated while most of my guests were left hungry.

Don’t be defeated this holiday and take Porter’s advice.

Let’s keep it simple this year.

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