Disc Golf is one of the world's fastest-growing sports. But if you've never heard of it, you're not alone. If you're a great backyard Polish Horseshoes player, you could be a great Disc Golf athlete. Luckily for you, there are plenty of local courses where you can hone your disc skills.

Just like regular golf, Disc Golf is a fun way to get outdoors and travel to new places all in the name of exercise. But unlike regular golf, Disc Golf doesn't require expensive equipment, only a disc.

The other thing that makes Disc Golf different from regular golf is that most of the courses are in nice wooded areas, making it a great retreat from the sun. Plus, Disc Golf is a bit more casual than regular golf which makes it easy to have fun. Take your next disc golf adventure on the road with one of these great courses:

Normandy Farms Campground, Foxboro: 18 long tees, 18 short tees. Because this course is part of the campground, there is a $15 daily fee to play. Learn more about this course layout here.

Borderland State Park, Easton: This course cost $5 to get into (State Park day pass fee) and is a 36-tee course (18 long tees, and 18 short tees). Learn more about the course and see photos here.

World War 1 Memorial Park, North Attleboro: This is a free 9-tee course located on the side of a large hill. See photos of the baskets here.

UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth: This is a free 9-tee course on the UMass Dartmouth campus. See what that course is like in the video below.

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