For the third consecutive year, the Westport United Girls Soccer U13 Division 1 Team will proudly represent their town at the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC). The team’s recent victory on Saturday in Fairhaven clinched their fourth South Coast Soccer League (SCSL) championship, defeating Sandwich with a commanding score of 7-3.

This dedicated and talented team first made history three years ago as a fifth-grade squad, marking Westport's return to the state tournament after a 23-year hiatus. Their remarkable journey and continuous success are a testament to their hard work and determination, both on and off the field.

Coached by Justin Gendreau, with assistance from Keith Nickelson and Paul Krzyston Jr., the team has seen substantial growth and development over the years. Gendreau has been a witness to their evolution into a formidable team. "For three years running, this group of players and coaches have trained hard year-round and attended tournaments, all with this goal in mind. It's amazing to watch this group of young female athletes train together and to see the growth year after year," he shared.

Reflecting on Success:

As the Westport girls gear up for the MTOC, Coach Gendreau reflects on their journey and the relentless effort that has brought pride to the Westport community. "This group of 5th, 6th, & 7th grade girls has accomplished so much and continues to bring recognition to the Westport United Youth Soccer Program," Gendreau remarked.

A History of Championships:

The Westport United Girls Soccer U13 Division 1 Team boasts an impressive track record in the South Coast Soccer League:

2011 - South Coast Soccer League Division 2 Champions (Fall 2021 Season)
2022 - South Coast Soccer League Division 1 Champions (Spring 2022 Season)
2022 - South Coast Soccer League Division 1 Champions (Fall 2022 Season)
2024 - South Coast Soccer League Division 1 Champions (Spring 2024 Season)
Their recent season has been nothing short of exceptional, finishing with an impressive 7-1 record.

Excitement builds as the team prepares for the upcoming Massachusetts Tournament of Champions, hosted by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association from June 21-23, 2024. The first game will take place at Progin Park in Lancaster, Massachusetts, where fans can follow the team's progress on their Facebook page.

Meet the Champions:

The winning roster includes: Ella Camara, Maddison Wenson, Alivia Wenson, Lily Veracka, Bailey Hart, Sophia Nickelson, Margaret Twomey, Lily Cipollini, Ella Pereira, Isabella Kryzyston, Autymn Pereira, Peyton Gendreau, Mallory Crocker, Kim Mello, Sofia Babb, and Harper Thibodeau.

The Westport United Girls Soccer U13 Division 1 Team continues to exemplify dedication, teamwork, and excellence, making their community proud with each passing season. As they head into the MTOC, their journey serves as an inspiration to all young athletes.

Additional Reporting Marissa Sebastiao

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