Little Calen is just a young boy who is beginning to understand the meaning of marriage.

So far, his understanding is that a 'husband' is a boy and a 'wife' is a girl.  He meets a gay couple for the first time and learns this couple consists of two husbands.  He curiously asks questions, as all young kids do, and is completely accepting of what he's told, without prejudice.  He then exclaims with excitement, "I always see husbands and wives, but this is the first time I'm seeing husbands and husbands!!" He then exclaimed with the same excitement, "So that means you love each other!!"  Yep, the little guy's got it.  It's that simple.

It's adorable to watch this boy understand his world a little better, and refreshing to see that he is completely accepting of it.  He learned something new about people, accepted it, and moved on.

Perhaps he could teach some of us something...accept people as they are.  Everyone just wants to be happy and love who they love without being judged or mistreated.  We're all people, we all deserve to be able to love and be loved just the same.  It's amazing what children can teach us, so much more than what we think we already know!

I think young Calen would agree with me when I say 'It's OK to be gay!' Check out the video here: