Yelp has crowned the best ice cream parlors in every state and province, and the best spot in Massachusetts is right in our backyard.

Based on certain Yelp criteria, Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour in Mashpee has been awarded the best ice cream in Massachusetts, giving you just another reason to take that family trip to the Cape this summer.

Yelp's List of Best Ice Cream by State

Yelp compiled a list of the top places in the country by identifying businesses in the ice cream category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors like total volume and ratings of reviews in the past year. Once the data was compiled, all roads led to the 700-square-foot pink building on Falmouth Road that has been serving up top-notch treats for the past 22 years.

History of Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour

Originally from England, Mark Lawrence came to the states to attend college and spent a large portion of his life in the hotel industry on the Cape, but he was ready for something new.

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“I wanted to give up corporate America, and what better business to do it with than an ice cream business?” said Lawrence. “It’s a happy business.”

And that’s exactly what Lawrence brings to his customers; Happiness on a homemade waffle cone.

Polar Cave is All About the Experience

“Every waffle cone and bowl is made to order and served warm, and we have close to 70 flavors most of the time,” said Lawrence.

People come for the ice cream, but Lawrence believes that the atmosphere of Polar Cave is what makes people come back.

“People come for the experience,” he said. With over 2,000 Coca-Cola bottles on display inside and an eye-catching storefront to lure in ice cream lovers, people are willing to wait in line for upwards of an hour to get a taste.

If you’ve never been, Lawrence recommends the “Mashpee Mud,” a delightful combination of coffee ice cream, fudge swirl, crushed Oreos, almonds, and dark chocolate chips.

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