Anthony Saunders, otherwise known by his stage name Ant Saunders, is a singer/songwriter who has recently created a name for himself with his song “Yellow Hearts.”

Ant was born in Germany 19 years ago because his father was stationed there in the military.

When he was very young, Ant had to move from Germany to Fayetteville, North Carolina. That's not the last spot he landed. He then moved onto Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, where he currently lives.

I'm pretty sure you can hear the influences of Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran, and John Legend in his latest single "Yellow Hearts."

Anthony, who began releasing music at the young age of 14, is basically a one-man band who taught himself how to produce, record and engineer all of his music. He even built a home studio that would eventually be the birthplace of everything he has released so far.

I'm pretty impressed with his do-it-yourself mentality; I guess you could call it his entrepreneurial spirit.

If you missed me playing his breakout single "Yellow Hearts" on Fun 107, then take a listen here:

He sounds great, right? I think I appreciate it more knowing that every aspect of the song was developed by him much like another artist I'm a fan of, Lauv.

What do you think? Does Ant have a song that will get him to the next level? Is "Yellow Hearts" wicked good or totally whack? Vote now and you could help Ant get his first-ever single added to the Fun 107 playlist.

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