When is pumpkin-spice, too much pumpkin-spice? When you create a pumpkin-spice fitness pre-workout... that's when.

I mean, am I being too bitter about this? I enjoy a frosty pumpkin beer (preferably a Leinenkugal's or a Traveler's) once in a while, but let's be honest, this is just gross. "A" for effort when it comes to actually creating the product, but enough is enough.

Slap Nutrition is responsible for this outrageous concoction and I'm 100% NOT on board. Blue rasperry- aboslutely, strawberry-lemonade- sure, why not... but pumpkin-spice?! I'll pass on that flavor.

"Do you even pumpkin pie, bro? We wanted something different. We didn't want the fruit punch and watermelon flavored aritificial sugar Pre-Workout drinks everyone else has. It had to be legit. It had to be awesome. So we created SLAP-O-Lantern Spice Pre-Workout. Seasonal? Nah, it's #basic.  It tastes like spiced pumpkin pie; but like the whole pie though, whipped cream too. And it's got limited ingredients, but we're SLAP Nutrition, so you already knew that."-Slap Nutrition

Each container of 'Slap' pumpkin-spice pre-workout is around $29.00 and holds an estimated 60 servings. It's soy and gluten free and it's main purpose is to provide energy before lifting weights or training at the gym. Each scoop is sweetened by stevia leaves and  provides 100 mg of caffeine, just waiting to "Slap" you in the face.

But wait! If you act now on Amazon.com, you can save $1.45 from the original price of $29.00 (LOL)! Pumpkin-spice coffee, candles and even cookies are acceptable, but I put my foot down to trendy seasonal fitness supplements.


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