If you give a boy a Barbie, he'll want a G. I. Joe to go with it... right? Well, that just might not be the case.

I have a birthday party coming up for a friend of mine's son and he has requested some out-of-the-ordinary gifts. This is nothing new, because he has always asked for pink Barbie's and La La Loopsy dolls in the past, and this time he asked for the same gifts. Since this is what he wants, that is what I get him for his birthday. His mom says that she has no problem with it. She wants her son to be exactly who he is, but his father is not so keen on the idea of his son playing Barbies.

We all, Michael Rock, Larry, and I, agreed with his mom that this is not a problem at all. If he wants to play with Barbies than let him play with Barbies!

What do you think? If he was your son would you allow him to play with Barbies or force him to play with toys geared towards his gender? Take my poll here: