As we begin to step into the second week of the World Cup, we've seen some great action on the green, thus far. But, did you ever wonder how the various teams fuel up for their big games and how much they worry about what is going into their players' bodies?  In a recent Fox News article, the various nutrition programs and strategies of a number of teams, including the U.S., is documented and, quite frankly, I was stunned to see how much effort the teams put in to these aspects. Of course I realized that players from all these teams weren't eating a bunch of junk, but I never expected their eating habits to be so highly scrutinized and tailored.

The article talks about how a majority of the teams competing bring in their own food and chefs, along with dietitians to be with them throughout their stay for the cup. A lot of teams put emphasis on surrounding their players with foods they're accustomed to and foods that are appropriate for their training and game preparation.

Apparently, the U.S. team even sent their personal chef and dietitian to Brazil prior to the teams arrival, so that they would have the opportunity to get a feel for what types of foods the area had to offer, that they could incorporate into their meal plans. They also had both of them work with the medical staff to help set up proper dietary plans for each player.

This just goes to show you how many different things that we might not realize on the surface can be very important to certain team's successes on the world stage!

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