FIFA World Cup

World Cup 2014
With Germany's thrilling 1-0 win over Argentina just earlier today, the 2014 World Cup has officially come to its end.
Germany Wins World Cup
Well, it took about 33 minutes longer than I expected and a couple less goals, but after 123 minutes of game play Germany reigns supreme in the soccer world.
Klinsmann Examines Team USA
Just a day after their crushing defeat in the round of 16, at the World Cup, Team USA's head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, had some strong comments to make, when he took to the podium, Wednesday morning.
Why Children Walk Hand-In-Hand With Soccer Stars [VIDEO]
Imagine what it must feel like to walk out onto a beautiful soccer field, in a stadium packed with fans, holding hands with a World Cup soccer star! It must be the thrill of their young lives, for 1,408 children selected by McDonald's--who hail from 70 countries--experiencing a once-in-a-lifeti…
Stephen Colbert Explains The World Cup Standings [VIDEO]
It's a big match at the World Cup for Team USA today...and Team Portugal if you're rooting for them to advance. After these two teams ended their match in a draw it apparently comes down to a lot of math to see who makes it to the next round. Thankfully we have Stephen Colbert to help figu…

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