If you love crossword puzzles or any type of word game, you know about Wordle. At least once a day, I see an excited Facebook user proudly share their Wordle score, but it turns out that the majority of users - specifically in New England - are all a bunch of cheaters. Here’s where Massachusetts and Rhode Island fall in the cheating pool.

Wordle skyrocketed in popularity this year, having users guess a five-letter word in six attempts with the help of color-coded tiles. I have never played, but even I know how rewarding it is to guess right on the first try. But what’s the point of playing if you’re just going to cheat?

MassLive shared WordFinderX’s findings that cheating is at an all-time high and found that New Englanders are quick to look up solutions instead of solving the puzzle on their own.

WordFinderX, a website that helps solve word games, analyzed Google Trends data over the past three months to see how often Wordle players cheated by looking up answers online. They discovered that New Hampshire has the largest number of cheaters, often needing help with the word “Swill.”

Rhode Island comes in at number two, looking up the word “Caulk” the most.

Massachusetts rounds out the top five, with “Dodge” being the most popular word to cheat on.

I find it humorous that Massachusetts residents would need help with the word “dodge” when we are so prone to dodging potholes, but when a perfect score is at stake, users will stop at nothing.

The next time you see someone’s impressive score on Wordle, you may want to ask yourself, “Are they really that clever, or are they a Wordle cheater?”

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