Wednesday night, a group of 30 women got together at Krav Maga SouthCoast in New Bedford for a self-defense seminar and left with a lifetime of knowledge on how to properly defend themselves in a tough situation.

The event was special for me, not only because we raised money for the American Heart Association, but because I was able to host a safe environment for like-minded women to learn a skill that could potentially save a life.

Turns out, some women really enjoyed it. So much so, my Fun 107 cohost Michael Rock became a test dummy after the event and morning show producer Gazelle soon after.

“When my wife and daughter got home from that seminar, they were fired up,” said Michael. “They wanted me to ‘choke’ them from behind and pull their hair so they could show me their moves.”

In the seminar, we went over how to escape from someone attempting to grab you from behind. We also went over techniques on how to properly defend yourself from someone trying to pull you by the hair. I guess Michael learned rather quickly that those techniques are quite successful.

“I think it’s time to show Gazelle those techniques you went over,” Michael joked.

It was for educational purposes, so I couldn’t resist.

It was quite the eventful morning on Michael and Maddie, and while it’s always fun to joke around with my team, it was extremely special to be able to educate the masses on the importance of self-defense.

On top of that, all proceeds from the seminar will be donated to my mission to raise money for the American Heart Association, Southern New England Chapter.

A little bit of punching and a whole lot of giving made for a hugely successful fundraiser.

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