You can get pulled over for a lot of things, but who would have thought 'drinking coffee' was one of them?

Apparently it is!  Lindsey Krieger from Minnesota was pulled over while on her way to work recently.  The officer asked her if she knew why she was being pulled over, to which she responded with a couple of wrong guesses, until he finally told her "Drinking coffee.  It's against the law to drink coffee while you're driving."  She said she was dumbfounded and that she drinks coffee in her car every day, while driving to work!  The officer explained that drinking coffee falls under the category of distracted if police believe that the driver is somehow distracted by drinking coffee (or any beverage I'm assuming), they can be pulled over and ticketed.

Lindsey was lucky this time though, she was let off with a warning about the coffee drinking.  However, she was ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt, which she claims she was wearing, until she was pulled over.  She said she'll be fighting that ticket in court and she will continue to drink her coffee in her car.

Man, if this is a law, I'm in trouble!  I drink coffee in my car every single day on the way to work and sometimes on the way home from work too.  If we're not supposed to be drinking anything (non-alcoholic of course) behind the wheel, than why do cars come with cup holders?  Don't police officers drink coffee in their cars too?  So many questions....just like Lindsey, I too, was dumbfounded when I heard this story!

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